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Should I Skip This Bar Exam?


Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to sit for the next bar exam.

Studying for the Bar Exam?
Law School Spotlight10

Three Tips for Managing Your Time in Law School

Although you may not have started your law school classes yet, here are three ways to start thinking about how you are going to manage your time.

What Is the Best Way to Learn Bar Exam Material?

Depending on how you learn, you might be surprised that some study techniques may be more effective for you than others.

10 Things To Do In the Days Before Bar Exam Week

As you gear up for the big day, don't neglect these ten tasks. They're almost as important as studying.

What Should You Eat During Bar Exam Week?

Be sure to spend time before the exam figuring out what you will eat for each meal of the day. This guide can help you get started with this task.

You Need to Take Timed Practice Exams

Although all of your practice doesn’t need to be timed, you need to practice simulating the exam experience. This will help you prepare for exam day.

How to Improve Your MBE Scores

If you are finding yourself struggling with the MBE portion of the bar exam, here are some tips for improving your MBE scores.

How to Raise Your Writing Scores on the Bar Exam

The writing portion of the bar exam may be half or more of your overall score. If you are struggling, this is not something to be ignored!

Should You Handwrite the Bar Exam?

Although the popular trend is to type the bar exam, some prefer to handwrite the test. Take these into considerations before abandoning the computer.

How Much Does It Cost to Study for and Take the Bar Exam?

Have you thought through the costs of studying for the bar exam? If not, here are some (sobering) realities you want to consider.

Five Reasons People Fail the Bar Exam

One question that has come up a bit recently is why people fail the bar exam. Generally speaking here are five common reasons folks are unsuccessful.

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