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Recommended Undergraduate Courses for Law School


If you're considering applying to law school, you may also be wondering what undergraduate courses admissions officers like to see. What follows is more information about recommended undergraduate courses for law school applicants.

No Required Courses

The most important thing you should know is that law schools don't require a set curriculum from your undergraduate education. In fact, when choosing a major, don't feel obliged to choose prelaw if your school offers it; law students come from a wide range of majors from English to history to engineering, so the best advice is to choose challenging college courses and a major that interest you and then do well in them.

Law school admissions officers will be most impressed by the fact that you challenged yourself and succeeded in the material you chose. That said, there are some courses that will help you prepare for and succeed in law school, as discussed below.

History, Government, and Politics

Since the legal profession requires basic knowledge of the government as well as its history and processes, courses in these subjects are advised so you have some understanding of these topics before starting law school. Example courses include:

  • United States and World History
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Jurisprudence
  • Law and/or Taxation
  • Political Science

Writing, Thinking, and Public Speaking

Your legal education will also build on writing, analytical thinking, and public speaking skills, so courses that showcase your ability to excel in these areas will look good on your undergraduate transcript. Look for courses in these areas:

  • Debate
  • English
  • Literature
  • Logic
  • Philosophy
  • Public Policy
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing

Other Helpful Courses

Disciplines that study human behavior can also be useful as they involve critical thinking and analysis, two valuable legal skills. Some recommended undergraduate courses include:

  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Religion

Overall, just try to choose subjects that most interest you to better ensure that you will perform well--and hopefully also enjoy yourself in the process.

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