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10 Places to Find LSAT Sample Questions Online


Doing LSAT sample questions is one of the best ways you can prepare for the LSAT. Not only will you become increasingly more comfortable with the test format, you'll also be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on the sections that give you the most trouble. The following are some places to find LSAT sample questions online.

1. College of Idaho

Here you'll find one set of questions each for reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning; the answers (without explanations) are on a separate page.

2. LSAC.org

LSAC offers this PDF file of information on strategies for taking the LSAT. Inside you'll find 14 sample reading comprehension questions, 8 sample analytical reasoning questions, 9 sample logical reasonsing questions, and two examples of writing sample prompts. All of the questions also have answers and explanations.

3. LSAT Blog

Among other tips, this site offers a variety of sample LSAT Logic Games, along with explanations for each one.

4. LSAT Exam Practice Tests

From this site, you can download a 31-page PDF file of sample LSAT questions and answers.

5. LSAT Test Prep for Law School Admission

This site has one set of practice questions for each section of the LSAT, along with answers and analysis.

6. LSAT Test Questions

Here you can find five full-length LSAT practice tests, which include practice questions, answers, and explanations.

7. Knewton

Knewton breaks its sample LSAT questions down into specific types, including contrapositive, parallel reasoning, causation correlation, and logic games.

8. Peterson's Graduate Schools

Peterson's provides a handful of LSAT sample questions and answers if you need just a few more for practice.

9. Princeton Review

Princeton Review offers a full, online practice LSAT; you must register with the site before accessing it.

10. Test Prep Review

Test Prep Review provides what it calls "self assessment module quizzes" that include sample LSAT questions and answers.

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