1. Education

Law Schools


With just under 200 ABA-accredited law schools, choosing the one for you can be quite a challenge. Below you'll find profiles of law schools as well as lists breaking them down into more specific categories.
  1. T14 Law Schools
  2. Ivy League Law Schools
  3. Bargain Law Schools
  4. Public Law Schools

T14 Law Schools

These schools have been ranked in the top 14 places by U.S. News and World Report since the rankings began.

Ivy League Law Schools

Ivy League law schools are certainly some of the most prestigious in the country. There are only five, though, so competition is fierce.

Bargain Law Schools

What follows are some law schools where you can get a great legal education at a reasonable price.

Public Law Schools

For a fraction of the cost of private law schools, you can also get a great legal education at one of the many public law schools across the country.

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