1. Education

Law School Culture

Learn what law school is like on the inside. From Law Review to Moot Court to the Socratic Method, know what to expect even before you show up for orientation.

What Is Law Review?
Find out more about how you get on Law Review, write-on competitions, duties of Law Review staff and editors, and why employers want to see this credential on your resume.

What Is a Legal Clinic?
A legal clinic is a great opportunity for law students to gain practical legal experience.

What Is Moot Court?
All about moot court: what it is and why you should join.

What Is the Socratic Method?
Find out what the infamous Socratic Method is all about so you know what to expect when your law professors start firing questions at you.

The Case Method
From The Princeton Review, a description of the Case Method way of learning, used in most law schools.

The National Institute for Trial Advocacy holds competitions for law students interested in trial advocacy.

Legal Clinics: Turning Theory into Practice
The Princeton Review's description of legal clinics, which give you the opportunity to practice law while still in law school.

Starting Law School: Should You Get a Part-Time Job?
One way to try to ease this debt is through working part time during law school. But is this a good idea?

Five Ways Parents Can Support Their Law Student
Here are some handy things to keep in mind to help your son or daughter make the most of his or her law school experience.

Your Technology Guide for Starting Law School
As you get ready to enter law school, it is important that you get your technology in order. Here's what you should plan to have.

Your Law School Shopping List
Starting law school this fall? Here is a shopping list to help you get back-to-school ready.

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