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Managing your law school financial aid may involve scholarships, grants, loans, loan forgiveness programs, and more.
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Overview of Financial Aid for Law Students
Read more about the types of financial aid available to law students including federal loans, private loans, scholarships, grants, and federal work study.

How to Minimize Law School Loans: Part I
Five ways to borrow as little as possible for law school.

How to Minimize Law School Loans: Part II
Here are six more tips, largely related to your personal behavior, that can help you minimize law school loans.

Writing Competitions for Law Students
A list of resources for finding writing competitions for law students.

Documents You Need to Complete the FAFSA
A handy list of the documents you need to complete the FAFSA for federal financial aid.

Financial Aid for Law School (LSAC)
Comprehensive resource for financing law school, including instructive video.

Online Free Application for Student Aid, necessary to apply for government financial aid.

Law School Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation
Information on law school loan forgiveness and cancellation from GradLoans.com.

5 Financial Pitfalls of Part-Time Law School
You may think going to law school part-time will save you money, but check out this list from The Frugal Law Student before you decide.

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