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Bar Exam

Find out everything you need to know about taking the bar exam: where you should take it, how to study for it, and how to manage stress throughout the process. You'll also find state by state requirements here.

How to Pass the Bar Exam
Tips for preparing for the bar exam.

BarMax: California Edition Bar Review App
My review of the BarMax Bar Review iPhone/iPod Touch application.

Talking Bar Exam Prep with Steve Liosi
Interview about bar exam prep with Program Director of BARPERFECT.com, Steve Liosi.

Bar Admissions Information
From the American Bar Association, a comprehensive guide to Bar Admissions requirements.

The website of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the organization that administers bar exams.

Bar Review Courses
List of bar review courses from FindLaw.

Advice on Taking the Bar Exam
From lexisONE, some advice from past bar exam takers.

Bar Exam Tps
The Bar Coach offers advice on how to study for the bar exam as well as how to remain calm before and during the test.

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