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Guide to Financial Aid for Law School - About.com
Read more about the types of law school financial aid that are available including federal student loans, private loans, scholarships, grants, and more.
Recommended Undergraduate Courses for Law School
A list of undergraduate courses that will help prepare you for law school.
American Law - Profile of American University Law School
American University Law School in Washington D.C. offers a fine legal ... The average starting salary for 2008 American Law grads in the private sector was ...
Students' Rights in Private School - Private Schools - About.com
When you attend a private school, your rights are not the same as they were in public school. Why? Because you are covered by contract law, not the ...
The Top 10 Least Expensive Public Law Schools
Fun Facts: The UND School of Law was founded in 1899, and possesses a wide range of successful alumni from Supreme Court Justices all the way to private ...
Classes to Take Before Applying to Law School - Graduate School
If you are considering applying to law school it might be a relief to know that, generally speaking, there are no required courses for admission to law school.
Can A Private School Withhold Transcripts For ... - Private Schools
Jul 18, 2009 ... Have more questions about private schools? Questions Most Often Asked by Parents covers a lot of ground. Or post your question in the Private ...
Timeline for Applying to Law School - Graduate School - About.com
Plan to apply to law school? Follow this timeline to make the application process smoother.
Why You Should Not Go to Law School - Graduate School - About.com
Consider these reasons why law school may not be a good idea. ... tuition for public school, non-residents: $30,413; Average tuition for private schools: $35,743.
Five Myths Regarding the Practice of Law - Legal Careers - About.com
Many individuals choose a career in the law for the wrong reasons. ... process, choosing only the top students from the most prestigious law schools. ... According to NALP, 83 percent of all lawyers who work in private practice are employed in ...
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