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Law Schools - Profiles of Law Schools and Lists of Law Schools
Profiles and lists of American law schools. ... For a fraction of the cost of private law schools, you can also get a great legal education at one of the many public ...
Guide to Financial Aid for Law School - About.com
Federal Perkins: low-interest loans awarded by law schools based on need. ... Law school loans are also available from private lenders, including the following:.
Students' Rights in Private School - Private Schools - About.com
When you attend a private school, your rights are not the same as they were in public school. Why? Because you are covered by contract law, not the ...
Religion in Private Schools - Paganism/Wicca - About.com
Wondering what rights you have as a Pagan student in a private school? Although there are Federal guidelines in place for public schools, they may not apply to ...
Teaching at Private Versus Public Schools - Secondary Education
Are you interested in the key differences between public and private schools? This article ... Public schools are required by law to admit any student. They are ...
Two Reasons for Banning Corporal Punishment - Private Schools
Honor codes and clearly spelled out results for infractions combined with contract law give private schools an edge in dealing with discipline. Basically, if you do ...
How to Get Learning Accommodations at Private Schools
Unlike public schools, parochial and private schools that don't receive any public funding do not have to grant students with learning disabilities ...
Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973) and Schools
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is a civil rights law that covers the rights ... Section 504 - Does Section 504 Apply to Private Schools and Agencies:.
Can a Private School Withhold Transcripts for Non ... - Private Schools
Jul 18, 2009 ... Have more questions about private schools? Questions Most Often Asked by Parents covers a lot of ground. Or post your question in the Private ...
Comparison of Private and Public Schools
It's a question which parents ask almost as much as "Which is the best school?" That question is "How do private and public schools compare?" Coupled with ...
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