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Timeline for Law School Prep through Undergrad
A law school prep timeline to follow as you make your way through undergrad.
Visiting Law Schools - About.com
While you're visiting law schools, you may also be able to talk to students and professors to get a general overall feel for the atmosphere as well. You can plan to ...
Law School - Making the Most of Your 2L Year in Law School
You've survived 1L, now read what you should be doing during your second year of law school.
Three Things You Can Do to Prepare for Law School Admissions
Answer: While you send your law school applications out in your senior year of college, your work to improve your candidacy school should begin well before ...
Classes to Take Before Applying to Law School - Graduate School
Below are some courses that will help you develop into a well rounded applicant and prepare you to succeed in law school. History, Government, and Politics
Start Early for a Successful Law School Application - Graduate School
It sounds good on paper – becoming a lawyer – but a career in law is not for everyone. Consider common reasons for going to law school. and bad reasons for ...
Why You Should Not Go to Law School - Graduate School - About.com
The decision of whether to go to law school is a monumental life-changing choice . Certainly your life will change during the three years of law school, but your ...
Timeline for Applying to Law School - Graduate School - About.com
Applicants to law school should begin preparing to apply at least a year ahead of time. Below is a law school admissions timeline to follow in your junior and ...
Advantages of Going to Law School Later in Life - Legal Careers
Do you think you're too old for law school? As the economy continues to stagnate , more people are going to law school later in life. A growing number of law ...
What is Law School Like? - Graduate School - About.com
What can you expect during the first year of law school>
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