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Timeline for Law School Prep through Undergrad
What follows is a general timeline to follow throughout your undergraduate years to make sure you're preparing for law school in the best possible way.
Visiting Law Schools - About.com
The easiest way to set up visits at law schools is to get in touch with the school's admissions office. You may receive information on open houses, formal tours, ...
Recommended Undergraduate Courses for Law School
Law school admissions officers will be most impressed by the fact that you challenged yourself and succeeded in the material you chose. That said, there are ...
Classes to Take Before Applying to Law School - Graduate School
If you are considering applying to law school, take classes to round out your ... develop into a well rounded applicant and prepare you to succeed in law school.
What will I study in law school? - Legal Careers - About.com
Answer: During your first year in law school (and second if you are attending part- time), you will take core courses including Contracts, Constitutional Law, ...
Timeline for Applying to Law School - Graduate School - About.com
Applicants to law school should begin preparing to apply at least a year ahead of time. Below is a law school admissions timeline to follow in your junior and ...
First Year Law School Preparation Tips and Strategies - Legal Careers
Law schools teach students to “think like a lawyer” through the appellate case method developed by Christopher Langdell of Harvard Law School in the late 19th ...
Law School Guide - Guide to Law School - Legal Careers - About.com
Thinking about law school? These resources can help you in every step of the process, from learning what law school is all about, to gaining admission, ...
About the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) - Graduate School
The LSAT is designed to provide a standard measure of reading and verbal reasoning skills that are essential to success in law school. The test itself is a ...
Start Early for a Successful Law School Application - Graduate School
Determine if law school is for you. It sounds good on paper – becoming a lawyer – but a career in law is not for everyone. Consider common reasons for going to ...
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