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1L - How to Survive 1L - Law School - About.com
Everyone's mind will wander during law school classes (especially, in my experience, during ones that rhyme with Schmiv Gro and Blontracts), but try your  ...
Visiting Law Schools - About.com
Find out how to arrange law school visits, what to look at, and questions you should ask admissions officers, ... What to Look at During Visits to Law Schools.
Timeline for Law School Prep through Undergrad
Even though the application process may be a couple years away, you can start law school prep as an undergraduate. What follows is a general timeline to ...
Law school graduates - time to lose the "law school" weight
Any women who just graduated from law school and are preparing for the Bar Exam? ... I gained 30 pounds during my 3 years in law school.
First Year Law School Preparation Tips and Strategies - Legal Careers
During the course of your first year of law school, you will be required to read and brief hundreds of cases. Students are typically assigned about 30 pages per ...
How to Get Into Law School - About.com
Here's a step by step guide on how you can get into law school. ... and also about a timeline for how you can best prepare for law school during undergrad. Ads.
How to Pass the Bar Exam - Law School - About.com
You've successfully made your way through law school and now you're one ... to learn what you thought you were supposed to be learning during law school.
Guide to Financial Aid for Law School - About.com
Read more about the types of law school financial aid that are available ... you are not responsible for interest before you begin repayment or during deferment.
What Is Moot Court? - Law School - About.com
Moot court is a law school activity and competition during which students participate in the preparation and arguing of cases in front of judges. The case and ...
Your Technology Guide for Starting Law School
I didn't have great computer luck during law school and had at least one fail on me during my 2L year. So it is a good idea to think through your technology ...
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