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Law School July 2009 Archive


Bar Exam Survivors, What Say You?

Friday July 31, 2009
Bar exam testing has finished in many states, and I'd love to hear some feedback from this year's bar exam takers. What did you think? Did anything surprise you or catch ... Read More

Professor Thio Cancels on NYU Law

Thursday July 30, 2009
One of the hottest stories in law school news these days is the resignation of Singaporean law professor Li-ann Thio, who was supposed to teach "Human Rights in Asia" at ... Read More

Internship with Beverly Hills Entertainment Law Firm

Tuesday July 28, 2009
I'm not looking to get into the habit of posting job ads here, but I happened to come across this rather unique one at EntertainmentCareers.net and thought I'd share for ... Read More

University of Arizona Offers Free Law Camp

Monday July 27, 2009
The James E. Rogers College of Law of the University of Arizona is accepting applications for its sixth annual Arizona Law Camp for high school students interested in the study ... Read More

Bankruptcy Doesn't Discharge $350,000 of Law School Debt

Friday July 24, 2009
Student loan debt is famously just about impossible to have discharged, and Mark Jesperson recently became another person who has tried and failed to do so. The 8th Circuit reversed lower ... Read More

Law Firms Canceling Summer 2010 Programs

Thursday July 23, 2009
In further dire legal employment news, several large law firms have announced plans to cancel their 2010 summer associate programs, which essentially means they won't be hiring new associates to ... Read More

Summer Advice for Rising 1Ls

Wednesday July 22, 2009
If you're headed to law school in the fall, you may be starting to feel the anxiety of beginning this new journey. Well, first of all, relax as law school ... Read More

7 Tips for Saving Money on Law School Books

Tuesday July 21, 2009
One of the biggest expenses for law school students are those big old (not-so-) cuddly casebooks, but you can minimize your costs by following these 7 Tips for Saving Money ... Read More

PLI Places Law Texts on Kindle

Monday July 20, 2009
The Practising Law Institute, a nonprofit continuing legal education organization, has made 67 of its 90 titles available on Kindle. Can law school text books be far behind? Andrew Frank, vice ... Read More

15 Bargain Law Schools

Friday July 17, 2009
If you're considering applying to law school in the fall, be sure to check out my list of 15 bargain law schools, where you'll get a solid legal education at ... Read More

Wisconsin's "Diploma Privilege" Challenged

Thursday July 16, 2009
The Seventh Circuit has ruled that a class-action suit challenging Wisconsin's diploma privilege, which allows graduates of the state's law schools to practice without taking the bar exam, was prematurely ... Read More

Arizona State Law Launches Online Legal Program

Wednesday July 15, 2009
The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law of Arizona State University has announced a new online legal program aimed at incoming freshman who would like to pursue careers as legal ... Read More

Book Giveaway for Rising 1Ls

Tuesday July 14, 2009
I've already provided a Summer Reading List for those of you headed to law school in the fall, but one legal blogger is actually offering to fill up your bookshelf. "A ... Read More

South Texas Law Grad Sues FL Defense Attorney

Monday July 13, 2009
When Cheney Mason, one of Florida's most well-known criminal defense attorneys, pledged $1 million to anyone in Dateline NBC viewing public who could demonstrate how his client could have killed ... Read More

Law Professors Advise Students to Take Federal Courts Course

Friday July 10, 2009
Over at the Adjunct Law Professors Blog, Craig Estlinbaum shares the abstract of St. Louis University Law professor Roger Goldman's essay, "Why Students Should Take the Federal Courts Course." And ... Read More

Adrienne Suarez's Code of Ethics for Female Attorneys

Thursday July 9, 2009
Have you heard about Adrienne Suarez's proposed "Code of Ethics for Female Attorneys?" Looks like a fabulous idea to me. What do you think? A Code of Ethics for Female Attorneys ... Read More

Law Schools' Role in the Future of the Law

Wednesday July 8, 2009
There is an interesting discussion going on in the blogosphere about whether law schools are relevant to the future of the law. It started with an article by Paul Lippe, ... Read More

Access Group's $10,000 Scholarship Contest: Deadline July 15

Tuesday July 7, 2009
Access Group is giving away $10,000 to one lucky law student, but hurry--the deadline is July 15! Here are some more details from an Access Group press release: The July 15 deadline ... Read More

Cardozo Law Student Gets Lifeline to Help Pay Tuition

Monday July 6, 2009
Dave Johnston, a 2L at Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School in New York City, recently got tuition help in a rather unlikely place: the set of "Who Wants to be ... Read More

Wisconsin Law Sets Aside Stipends for Grads to Work in Public Interest

Friday July 3, 2009
The University of Wisconsin Law school has joined the growing list of schools helping out their graduates in this difficult legal job market. At a recent job fair, the law ... Read More

Apprenticeship Programs Becoming Common at Large Firms

Thursday July 2, 2009
The National Law Journal reports that more and more firms are instituting apprenticeship programs for their first-year associates, which they hope "will better train their attorneys for life at a ... Read More

Miami Law Offers Incoming 1Ls $5k Public Interest Scholarship to Defer

Wednesday July 1, 2009
The University of Miami Law School has sent a letter to incoming 1Ls offering them a $5,000 public interest scholarship if they defer law school until Fall of 2010. In the ... Read More

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